Forging New Worlds, One Story at a Time

Welcome to SciFi Shorts! Come in, take a seat by the antimatter heater and don’t worry about the buzzing… it’s supposed to do that. Honestly!

If you came here looking for SciFi and Fantasy short stories, as well as some which don’t fit easily into any category, then you’re in the right place! A new story will be added every two weeks, though during the launch in June and July 2019 there will be a lot more stories arriving. And every story will be available to read right here or to download to your phone, tablet or eReader completely for free.

Oh… you don’t look it, but if you’re less than thirteen years old these stories might not be suitable. Please check with your parents, guardians, or nanny-bot before reading them.

With that out the way…sit back, relax… maybe move a little further from the antimatter heater… and enjoy!

Incoming Story ETA

A completely new story will magically appear here Thursday 31st October! Yes, a day early and a suitably scary story for halloween!

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