A Little Slice of Heaven

Cloning has many consequences in this life…

…but what about the next?

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A Little Slice of Heaven

Rosalind Beatrice Karen Van-Dorotak lay back on her death bed, smiling gently as the voices of those around her started to fade.  She could hear the anguish in the tones of her family, but it was time.  She was closing in on her eight-thousandth birthday after all!

Well, she was within four years of it.  That was near enough.  She’d had a long and mostly happy life.  But even with rejuvenation treatments the mind eventually grew old even where the body did not.

And what a life she had lived! She had hundreds of accomplishments, thousands probably, and had remained a celebrity through most of her life.  And a celebrity for what she’d done, not just for existing.

But still, the thing that she was most remembered for had been a true first.  She’d been the first person to be successfully full-cloned.  To have a clone which not only matched her physically, but which had all her thoughts and memories up until the point of the procedure.

There had been other attempts before, but they had not gone well.  In the best cases the created clone had never come close to any signs of being self-aware.  In the worst… thankfully they hadn’t lived for long, not that you could call what they experienced living.

It had been a difficult decision for Rosalind to take, knowing she could be dooming… well, herself in one way, to a horrific outcome.  And not just for the clone.  Many of the donors for earlier attempts had also ended up suffering mental and physical damage from the process, succumbing to the combination and dying not long after the cloning attempt.

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