In the Land of the Blind

We all know the saying… but is it true?

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(c) 2021 Simon Goodson.
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In the Land of the Blind

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.  That’s the saying.  And that’s what I’d thought when I stumbled on this land full of the sightless.  Forget being a king. With two good eyes I’d be an emperor!

How wrong I was!  You see, in the land of the blind the one eyed man can see things, know things, foretell things.  He can see danger approaching from far away and tell others what will happen long before sound, vibration, or smell let them sense the threat themselves.

It turns out people don’t like the power to foresee the future, as it seems to them.  People get scared by such power.  So in the land of the blind, the sighted man is treated with suspicion.  Soon he is taken, overwhelmed by numbers despite his unique abilities, and put on trial for witchcraft.  He is tried… and condemned!

And now the sighted man is watching his would-be subjects stack wood around the stake he’s tied to… and he’s cursing the fact he ever heard that bloody saying!

The End

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