The Unordinary Pig

Today’s story and image are by two very special guest stars…

The story was written by my daughter Katie, aged just 10…

And the (now pimped up) drawing to go with it was created by my daughter Isla, also aged just 10…

This one is only available on the website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Story (c) 2020 Katie M.
Image (c) 2020 Isla M.

Story Disclaimer

The Unordinary Pig

Today I am going to share a story with you. It is about a ‘pig’. But this ‘pig’ isn’t ordinary. This ‘pig’ is unordinary. But I guess you don’t know what is different about it yet do you? So that is why I am here right? Ok, ok enough jibber-jabber hey! Let’s get right on with this then…

One stormy day (that everybody hated) Bob, who was the ‘pig’ that you’ve heard about in the first paragraph, was up to her ears in muck. Sadly she, yes she, was in a pig farm. Her life full of sorrow. She ate too much. She was the chubbiest out of them all (13,579 to be exact) even though she wasn’t put to eating that much.

But the next year her life changed.It was the most extreme moment of her life.You might be thinking that she is to be bacon in a few minutes. Well you’re well and truly wrong. She grew ………..wings. I know that you’re thinking Katie? Katie pigs can’t grow wings. And I’m thinking that you’re wrong because remember at the start when I told you that this ‘pig’ is unordinary that is what I mean by it.

Thinking, thinking, thinking. After a long time of thinking. CHING! She had an idea. She could fly, so she can save her many friends right? Well you’re wrong because she has no friends!! LLL I know, I know, that’s sad, but that is just her luck (and she needs some because of what she is going to do next).

Thinking, thinking, thinking. After (another) long time of thinking (Have you got dejavu?). She’s finally got it. She would make new friends? Yes. You’re correct. She would make new friends. But how you may ask? I can’t tell you because you will find out in the next paragraph.

It is time for the (not so) grand reveal of how she is going to make friends…

Bob will show off her outstanding wings. Some might get scared; others will become besties. I personally would want to make her fly away somewhere the pigs will enjoy. You are probably thinking that is what she should do. And, that is what she is going to do.

So here’s the plan: she’ll go to the ‘big gang’ and show off her outstanding wings. By the way the ’big gang’ are the PP (popular pigs). Then she will make sure that that they all want to fly away somewhere close, but not too close. Off she goes…

She’s there now. They really like her. She’s going to set off soon, too soon.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. There she goes, off with her new friends, all covered in poo. Wait a second ‘all covered in poo’? Her plan failed. She didn’t consider the poo! Now she is stuck, her wings covered and sticky. Poor Bob.

She is going to be bacon soon…

I know that it was a bad ending, but

tough luck……………

The End

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6 thoughts on “The Unordinary Pig

  1. Good story, looks like Katie & Isla inherited some of Dad’s talent. You are so lucky, looks like you’ve got a budding author & an artist waiting to fly from the nest.

    1. Thanks, Dorothy! Yes, they’re both amazing. And Isla surpassed my artistic skills at about age 3! And Katie not that long after.

  2. That was a wonderful story and not because of how young or old she is, it’s because she really entertained us with her wit and style.
    She shows a strong inclination to follow in your footsteps if she wishes.
    She certainly has writing in her DNA.
    My father and I have always enjoyed your stories Simon, so please encourage her to keep writing if she wants to.
    Tell her she has at least two more fans in us.
    Brittany and Alan McDonald ❤️

    1. Thanks Brittany and Alan. Yes – I was amazed the first time I read it! And as for Isla’s drawings… she’s incredible too.

    1. Hi Hazel, I’ll get to that eventually. The main problem is getting the image onto the cover because of the shape, and I was wiped from doing so many stories in such a short time! 🙂

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