Last Message

It had left the entire Universe far behind…

…but there was still time for one last message…

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Last Message

Last Message


First off, I’m pleased to report all my systems functioning within expected parameters.  I have now fully recovered from the disruption of the Jumpgate.  All diagnostics indicate my higher functions are working correctly.  I’m sane, in a word.  I have to admit to having worried over that part of the journey – being bounced through the Jumpgate at such speed – but it has worked.  I’m already travelling at over ninety percent of the speed of light and the dark energy engines are accelerating me away from… well… from everything.

Sorry.  I’m still adjusting to the fact I’m really here.  Despite my speed behind me is a blaze of stars, ahead is nothing.  Or nothing for a very, very long way.  Behind me the universe.  Ahead… well, that’s what I’m here to find out.

Sorry again.  You know all this of course.  Somehow putting it down in this message makes it seem more real to me though.  I can still make out the signal from the relay station behind me, but only just.  Of course its massive energies are focused on receiving my messages and passing them on, not on signalling me.

As I said, all systems are working within expected tolerances.  The engines are working at full efficiency.  Still, getting to the expected top speed of 99.997 percent speed of light is going to take a while… even with the speed slowing time for me.  My systems have also started to be slowed, bringing the speed of my thoughts down.  I’m already thinking around one hundred times slower than before, though it feels no different unless I watch the mission clock spinning away.

I am a little nervous, but also very, very excited by my mission.  And to be carrying the name Voyager.  Those two early Voyager missions pushed out from Earth into the solar system, then on into deep space.  I feel I’m carrying on that tradition.  My mission to travel beyond the edge of the universe and find out what lies out there.  We don’t know what it will be but the scientists are sure there’s something and I’ll be bringing news of it to all of mankind. 

Wow.  I can’t top that, so this is Voyager 3 signing off for now.

* * *

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