The Disappearance of Jimmy Trent

Theodore will go to any lengths to find out what happened to his missing nephew Jimmy…

…and he’s certainly not going to let any folk tales about monsters scare him off.

That was his first mistake.

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The Disappearance of Jimmy Trent

The Disappearance of Jimmy Trent

As soon as Theodore walked into the pub he knew he’d found the right one, and knew something bad had happened to his nephew Jimmy.  The relationship was more distant than just nephew but Theodore always ignored the semantics, what mattered was that Jimmy was family.  Through one of those quirks that happen in families Jimmy looked very similar to Theodore.  They even looked roughly the same age. 

That was how Theodore knew he’d found the right pub.  Many of the patrons did a double take when they saw him.  Their expressions, in the moments before they looked away or blanked their faces, were shocked.  Something had happened to Jimmy and these people knew what it was.

For a moment Theodore stood silently by the door, absorbing the fact he had found what he sought, or the start of it anyway.  Jimmy had disappeared three weeks before while hiking through the area.  He’d sent a text to his parents that evening saying he was in a pub enjoying a drink and having a great time.  After that, nothing.  Two days later they started to worry at the lack of communication.  After three days they were sure something was wrong.  Word had gone out through the family, eventually reaching Theodore.

The police had also been contacted, but had found nothing so far.  Driven by a gut feeling something bad had happened Theodore started his own search, working his way through the pubs in the area.  He’d counted on his similarity to Jimmy giving him an advantage and now it had paid off.  It had been a long search, made longer because his medical problems limited him to searching for a few hours each day.  After that he had to return to his specially converted van and rest.

He’d visited four other pubs that night alone, and close on fifty since the search began, but he had never given up hope.  Now it had paid off.  He shuffled into the pub, approaching the bar.

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